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SpinOut has developed the revolutionary Automatic Paint Roller Cleaner tool. This new tool has made paint roller cleanup simpler than ever before. Here’s how it works:

Simply attach the SpinOut Automatic Paint Roller Cleaner to a water faucet or hose, insert the dirty paint roller into the jet stream, and wait for the water to run clean.

Our patented new system makes paint roller cleaning hassle free, so say goodbye to the paint roller cleanup process of the past. The innovative Automatic Paint Roller Cleaner makes paint roller cleanup a breeze!

Why struggle with a messy paint roller cleanup routine any longer? Get your SpinOut Automatic Paint Roller Cleaner today

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2 reviews for Paint roller cleaner

  1. Ladybugnh

    This roller cleaner is awesome! A neighbor who used to work for Sherwin Williams Paints introduced us to it and let us borrow it while we were painting the exterior of our house. The house is stucco and we had to use thicker, more expensive rollers to get good coverage. We were able to do the whole house with just 2 rollers because this roller cleaner worked so well! We used it with a garden hose, but it can also be attached to a utility sink faucet, which is how our neighbor uses it. We liked it so well we had to get one for ourselves! Would recommend to anyone who is painting more than just a small area. The only very small issue we had was that we had to take a little extra care with the ends of the roller cover to get all the paint out in that area. It saved us from having to use new rollers at the end of each day/ section of painting, so saved us money!

  2. Computer Guy

    I’m painting several rooms in my house so I wanted a means to re-use rollers. Initially I purchased a drill attachment spinner… which worked… but it was annoying to insert/remove the rollers, required a little time to fully clean the roller still.. and was messy.

    This product in comparison is amazing. There is no need to remove the roller from the handle, it works fast/with less water, does a really good job fluffing the roller, and overall is a cleaner.

    I would 100% buy this again and have already bought one for my parents.

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