Paint Roller Cleaner

The Spinout Paint Roller Cleaner is a lightweight, portable and easy to use machine, it is an affordable and efficient way to clean paint rollers, it can be used with any type of paint roller.  It is a great tool for painters, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to save time and effort when cleaning paint rollers. 

The Spinout Paint Roller Cleaner is a manual paint roller cleaner machine that is designed to make cleaning paint rollers quick and easy. It uses a spinning action and water to remove paint from the roller. 

Here how it works. 

The Spinout is a rather simple designed tool to clean your paint rollers easily within one to two minutes. After attaching the Spinout to a sink or garden hose, with the roller still attached to the handle, hold the roller up into the Spinout skimming across the stream of water. You will see the paint flushing out of the roller and it will come out dry and ready to reuse in less than two minutes. 

The Spinout was patented over 40 years ago and has been selling across America ever since. 


  • Hands Free Paint Removal
  • Saves Time and Money on Labor and Materials
  • Saves Messy Cleanup!
  • Patented Design
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Made from High Quality, Durable Materials
  • Fun and Easy to Use!
  • Less Paint Rollers in Landfills

Our patented new system makes paint roller cleaning hassle free, so say goodbye to the paint roller cleanup process of the past. The innovative Automatic Paint Roller Cleaner makes paint roller cleanup a breeze!

Paint Roller Cleaner

Cleaning your paint rollers easy

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